sept. 4th, 2012 - to six of the best men in my life, happy anniversary ♥

2PM’s Album Cover/MVs [2008-2012] #4HOTTESTyearswith2PM

happy 4th anniversary, 2pm! ♥


(09/04/08 - 09/04/12)

Four years have passed, four full years in which you’ve demonstrated to escalate with your heads up high despite the struggles and constant nightmares; four years which were also fulfilled with the best memories and the best embraces of support. 

You’ve only grown for good, you’ve only grown to show how amazing and great you guys can be. Words really can’t describe how proud I am of you, how grateful I am for having your music and wonderful souls in my life, how thankful I am for your outstanding existence.

I wish you further years full of rotund success and happiness, full of progressive memories that will help you to continue towards the pathway of reaching a much higher top than the one in which you are now.

We’ll continue to walk with you, giving you love and support; just as we did in the beginning, just as we do now. 

Here’s to the memories, the struggles, the love, the pain, the music, the support, the absolutely everything. Here’s to you.

We love you, 2PM

Happy 4th Anniversary, my ultimate favourite bunch of boys! ♡ 

Thank you for being such amazing people, thank you for giving me more reasons to smile and thank you for existing. Cheers to many more HOTTEST years to come!
- With HOTTEST, 2PM can fly.